Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Parish News - November 2013

Still no further news regarding a new Councillor to replace Kevin Piper. This can take time but I am sure someone will be appointed soon.
       At the October meeting, Ken Rusby gave an updated account regarding the application recently submitted by SCA which, due to its location, affects Ovingham. The Parish Council are grateful for his help on this topic as well as that of Bob Klotz and Neville Gray. Councillor Phil Holden has become our representative on the SCA Forum.
      As reported in the November magazine, grass cutting next year will be undertaken by a private contractor. The Councillors’ had received 3 quotes and made their decision in October.
Highways department have been asked to place road markings in the village such as “SLOW” to help combat speeding. Other proposals are double yellow lines by Model Cottage/Tynedale Gardens entrance as visibility is poor when exiting from here due to the number of parked cars.
      As a result of a request from Green Ovingham, Councillor Jordon had been in touch with Adam Keen, Recycling Officer at NCC, regarding proposals for a bottle bank. Although such a facility can be mobile, a lack of possible sites continues to be a problem.  
      It is hoped that a quarterly Newsletter will be up and running soon. The Parish Council have agreed to cover the estimated costs of the first issue and trust that it will be a successful venture and well supported by the Village.
    There is no meeting planned for December and on behalf of Ovingham Parish Council, may I pass on the compliments of the season to you all.
     Margaret Davenport
     Clerk to Ovingham Parish Council