Thursday, 22 May 2014

Litter Thrown From Cars

Local authorities nationally spend millions of pounds every year clearing up litter. A significant amount is thrown out of cars. The cost of clearing it up could be spent on something more beneficial. NCC are trying to do something about this and we have received the following message from them.

Enforcement Officers from Neighbourhood Services have been looking at the issue of litter thrown from vehicles (including cigarette ends) which can be a persistent problem in certain locations but can also occur literally anywhere where there are roads. They have designed a reporting form which contains all of the details that they need to take an incident further. This may ultimately result in Fixed Penalty Notices being issued. I attach a copy of the form for your information and use should you need to report an incident. Please do forward the form to any interested parties in your community.
Yours sincerely ,
Iain Hedley
Locality Development Officer

Enforcement Officers obviously can't be everywhere always so they are encouraging all of us to help them. The form below (click to enlarge) can be printed off or you can get a paper copy by contacting the clerk or one of the councillors.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Parish News - May 2014

The Councillors are considering the possibility of a further lay-by on Horsley Road to ease parking and preserve the grass verges. This is very much in the early stages and the residents in that area have been asked for their views. County Councillor Kelly has been asked to look at options.
Trees to the entrance of Whittle Dene, in the wooded area, have been reported to County Council as concerns have been expressed as to how safe they are and the Parish Council has asked for them to be removed. The County Council will follow this up with the land owner.
A village tidy up is to take place in June, and it is hoped as many residents as possible will help. Details will be circulated. Green Ovingham recently conducted a successful litter pick for which the Councillors are very grateful.
A recent article in the Hexham Courant regarding “amenity” land in Wylam has prompted the Councillors to look at similar plots in Ovingham and seek reassurances from Northumberland County Council that such areas will remain in County Council’s ownership.  
ISOS have been asked to investigate the possibility of the road being widened in Windsor Crescent to allow cars to drive through without damaging parked cars and the grassed areas.
Some playing field equipment has been repaired including the Willow Maze. The Mower has at long last also been repaired and Cllr Holden can often be seen whizzing around the playing field.
The next meeting is Thursday, 19th June at 7.15pm in the Reading Room.

Margaret Davenport
Clerk to Ovingham Parish Council