Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Parish Council Notes - March 2010

The Councillors met on 18 March, though the meeting was fairly short owing to its closeness to the February meeting.

Phil Holden has now received all the funding required to be able to proceed with the Play Equipment Project on the Playing Field. A new 27 year lease for the field has been signed and quotations will now be obtained for the venture to go forward. A presentation is planned in the pavilion where everybody will be able to see the intended plans.

Correspondence had been received concerning the Boundary Commission's electoral areas. The Council was glad to note that this has made no difference to Ovingham.

The East Centre has had to cut back its youth work through lack of funding. It is hoped that there may be some form of mobile facility covering villages in the area though this has not been finalised.

Unfortunately, due to financial cut-backs Northumberland is no longer able to provide the village with bedding plants or hanging baskets (these were given to the schools).

The dog warden has been working around the village and there have been some new stickers put up. It is hoped these may remind dog owners that they can be fined very heavily if they allow their dogs to foul the pavements or the playing field.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Parish Council Notes - February 2010

There were many items of Parish Maintenance which were discussed at the February meeting and it is hoped that those which depend upon work to be undertaken by Northumberland County Council can be done. Although it was good to see that some road maintenance had been carried out on the Wylam/Ovingham Road some scepticism was felt as to whether the patching would last for any length of time.

The Council is still concerned with branches and hedges which overhang pavements and would ask all residents to cut these back wherever possible. Also there is much concern over dog fouling in the village. This is becoming more and more prevalent throughout the village. The fines are very heavy if the dog owners are caught and the only way for this anti social behaviour to be stopped is for the public to note and report the offence to: Stephen Hall or Neil Armstrong, Animal Welfare Officers (new title).

Councillor Holden was congratulated on achieving much of the funding required for the Playbuilder funding application. The Council had pleasure in agreeing unanimously to the proposal to accept the terms of the new lease of Ovingham Playing Field.

There had been a request for another notice board to be placed at the entrance of the Piper Road Estate. The Council did not feel this was necessary as being too near the existing notice board. There was discussion as to what notices were acceptable and the Council would point out that it is a Parish Council Notice Board and the PC notices must take precedence. However, suitable village notices, providing there is room, can be placed there and it is appreciated that when they are out of date they be removed.

The litter pick has been held and the valiant souls who turned out in very wet conditions made big inroads on the litter. Of course, it would be better if the litter wasn't dropped in the first place. Have you ever considered making yourself responsible for just keeping one small area free of rubbish in the village?