Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Parish Council News - March 2009

Flooding in Ovingham

Mr Ian Hodge, Environmental Agency and Ian Douglas, Director Environmental Services Tynedale were welcomed to the Parish Council Meeting which was opened for questions. Mr Hodge explained that flooding was caused by culverts not being able to cope with the heavy rainfall, water draining from fields and Whittle Burn. He stated that there were no powers which could be used to prevent any of these happening again and householders would need to make their own provisions for dealing with future flood risks. However, although he had no powers to act, because the build-up of water in The Tyne may have been a contributory factor, two engineers are to produce a report which when completed will be passed to Ovingham Parish Council.
Mr Douglas urged everybody to remember that any flood water must always be treated as contaminated.

Interactive Speed Lights

These are now in place and the first sign is positioned at the West entry to the village. It will be circulated periodically on Horsley Road and Castle View.

Land Registration

Legislation is to come into place ensuring that all land throughout the country is registered. Some time ago Councillor Holden offered to undertake the registration of Council land (little knowing how time consuming it would prove). However, the task is now completed and the land owned by Ovingham Parish Council is registered. Councillor Holden must not only be congratulated but thanked for completing such a time-consuming exercise.

Churchyard Wall

The Council has for some time had concerns regarding the Churchyard Wall to the East which seemed to be slipping. When finally inspected it was found that there was not only a large void under the wall but also a gas leak. Re-filling the hole was delayed by sub-zero temperatures and caused considerable problems to traffic flow. Thankfully, the repair is now complete though it’s not yet known what plans are in hand to repair the sagging wall.