Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Parish News - 28 October 2009

Once again the public, and especially a representation from the Green Group, were well represented at the meeting held on 15 October. The Chairman opened the meeting to enable them to inform the Council of their progress. The Council voted to give the group a "one off " donation to help with some initial expenses.

The culverts at the Packhorse Bridge are still giving much concern to the Parish Council and the work recently carried out has been insufficient to clear the culverts, where only one is open and two blocked. The clerk will write to Northumberland again and point out the danger of the blockage which could contribute towards future flooding.

Planning and Routine Maintenance were discussed, much of which centred around foliage and trees which overhang pathways. The Council would remind residents that it is their responsibility to cut back foliage on their land which overhangs or impedes walkways. The clerk was asked to request that the hedging on the Ovingham/Wylam Road (North side) be cut back.

The Clerk has received a letter from NCC assuring the Council that the standard of grass cutting will be improved next year. They have agreed that the standard has not been satisfactory this year.

A request has been received from the Allotment Association, enquiring whether there was further land which could be let. Unfortunately, whilst sympathising with the Association, the Parish Council owns very little land within the village.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 19 November. The unconfirmed date for the December meeting is 17 December.