Monday, 11 May 2015

Parish News - May 2014

Complaints have been received about displaying posters on trees in the village, especially those on Horsley Road. Whilst the Parish Council acknowledges that there is a wide range of activities going on, and posters are a good reminder for people, they cannot condone putting posters on trees. Of course, it may not be posters advertising village events which have appeared on the trees but they would ask that people keep an eye out for this. The Parish Council are also going to consider purchasing two more notice boards, which may help the problem.
Work is still about 7 weeks behind schedule on Ovingham Bridge. Unfortunately, this is expected to increase due to additional truss repairs although weekend work will continue which may help.
Work to the stepping stones has been completed. County Council are to be asked about the state of the wall near Wellburn and the tree which has had a barrier in place for many months after part of the wall was removed due to it being damaged. This is an eyesore and is clearly just a temporary solution. County Council have also been asked to check the hole near the drain at the back of the Church which has gradually increased in size. Fly tipping has become a problem on the layby on the Wylam Road and solutions are being looked at.

The next Parish Council meeting is on 21th May at 7.15pm.
Margaret Davenport
Clerk to Ovingham Parish Council