Thursday, 8 March 2012

Parish Council Notes - March 2012

Following some recent complaints by villagers, a letter has been sent regarding the bus service 686 to Prudhoe, which does not go along Front Street, Prudhoe. We shall wait and see the outcome.

Both Wylam and Ovingham Parish Councils have been told about the recent work that has been undertaken by the Countryside Management Team at Northumberland County Council. A section of the footpath has become more available to the public in the area by the Old Pumping Station Buildings. It means that a path can now be used instead of using the road. The path is clearly marked and it is hoped to be added to the definitive map in the future as a public footpath.

Plans are well under way for a “mini Ovilympics” to be held on 14th July. As well as this, the Council are keen to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in early June. If anyone can help in anyway, for either event, please contact one of the Councillors for more information.

Two new interactive speeding units are to be put in place in the village soon in addition to the existing unit which is moved from one location to another every six months or so. The poles are already in place and it is hoped that they will be in operation before the end of May. The Council managed to get a discount too!

Margaret Davenport

Monday, 5 March 2012

Ovingham to Wylam Road

Good news for walkers between Ovingham and Wylam.
For years getting past the old pumping station on foot has been hazardous to say the least.
Blind bends, no footpath, overgrown hedges, telegraph poles hard up against the road, fast traffic.
Thanks to work recently completed work by the county council, pedestrians can now safely circumvent this corner by using a newly formed footpath. The path follows a route which takes you south of the pumping station. It's not hard surfaced, it's not got street lights ... but hey ... there are no vehicles whizzing past within millimetres at great speed.

Click on the image to see it full size.