Monday, 2 August 2010

Parish Council Notes - July 2010

Once again "bridges" featured very large on the agenda. The Packhorse Bridge has been repointed and once again Northumberland have assured the Parish Council that gravel had been removed down stream of the bridge and this will allow the next heavy rainfall to push the gravel through the bridge. The Council will keep a close watch to see if this does happen.

The Bridge engineer had visited Ovingham Bridge and had admitted that although there had been a slight drop in noise level this was only temporary. The Council were also informed that the major replairs would not take place until 2014.

The Council expressed their concern and sympathy with Councillor Holden regarding the cut back of the Playbuilder scheme for the Playing Fields. Although the government had put a stop on all such schemes it is hoped that a smaller, less ambitious scheme may be produced. The Council not only expressed its sympathy for Councillor Holden, but also to all those other people - especially the Middle School, whose input had been invaluable.

Once again the parking at the rear of the Church was discussed and especially the difficulty for the refuse collectors to pick up the bins. The clerk had received a reply from the recycling manager who pointed out that sometimes the van had had to return to the area three or four times. The Council have pointed out that this problem could be overcome if the collection of bins followed a different route, therefore changing the time of collection. The parking is usually a lot less later in the morning.

Councillor Paul Kelly (NCC) had sent his apologies and his report was read to the meeting. The report was mainly concerned with the budget and the cut-backs which are to take place. These consist mainly at the moment of redundancies in staffing.

There will be no Parish Council Meeting during August but that does not mean the Councillors will not be carrying on their work in the village. If there are any problems, please contact the clerk on 831897. The next meeting will be 16 September 2010 at 7.15 in the Reading Room.