Friday, 11 July 2014

Parish News - July 2014

The council's next meeting is scheduled for 24th July at 7:15pm as usual in the Reading Room.
There is no meeting of the Parish Council in August, but that doesn’t mean the Councillors are idle!
A very successful village tidy up was completed recently. Thanks to all those who helped. The closure of the Bridge seems to have resulted in less traffic through the village and the school holidays should also reduce traffic further.
Cllr Jordon and myself recently attended a meeting with Northumberland County Council which was primarily aimed at improving communication with Parish Councils. On the whole, Ovingham has a good relationship with the County Council and work closely with their contacts.

It has been decided not to proceed with a bus shelter by Piper Road entrance. This has been on the agenda for a few months but concerns about vandalism and ultimately cost, has meant the Councillors agreed not to pursue it. Discussions are still ongoing about Horsley Road parking.  
In order to enable a large crane to access the work site for the Bridge, Northumberland County Council have had to apply for planning permission to demolish part of the Pack Horse Bridge. As this is a listed building, the Parish Council expressed their concerns and assurances have been received that the bridge will be restored to its original state. The Councillors will keep an eye on it as the bridge is of historic value to the village.
Keep Saturday 19th July free for Ovi-Fun's annual Field Day. 1pm to 5pm. Yet another afternoon on the playing field with entertainment and sports for the whole family!
September’s meeting will be held on Thursday, the 18th at 7.15pm.
Margaret Davenport
Clerk to Ovingham Parish Council