Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Parish News - June 2013

At the May Parish Council Meeting, Doreen Jordon was elected Chair, and Ian Heslop Vice-Chair.
The Councillors have been allocated to various committees in addition to their Councillor duties and these are:-

Ovingham Joint Burial Committee – Val Mennear and Doreen Jordon
Ovingham Playing Field Users group – Phil Holden and Lesley Richardson
Reading Room Committee – Kevin Piper
East Tynedale Town & Parish Forum – Lou Moore and Doreen Jordon
Prudhoe Partnership – Hazel Chalmers.

Unfortunately, it is now extremely unlikely that planning permission would be granted for the proposed seat by the bus stop at the Church so the Councillors decided not to pursue this any further. It was originally suggested by Mr and Mrs Frank Atkinson, who had very kindly offered to fund it, so the Councillors will contact them to see if they want the seat in an alternative spot in the village.

Funding has been confirmed to “refurbish” Ovingham Bridge. At the time of writing, no date has been agreed but hopefully may start soon.
Margaret Davenport
Clerk to Ovingham Parish Council