Friday, 12 July 2013

Parish News - July 2013

In line with the majority of other Parish Councils, Ovingham have introduced a new format to their meetings. Each meeting will commence with an “open surgery” where issues can be raised by residents before the meeting starts. Such issues can of course, be brought to the attention of any of the Councillors or Clerk before then.

Councillors are looking at the possibility of introducing a village newsletter – it’s at the early stage but they are keen to do so.

Whilst the Councillors recognise that the majority of dog owners are responsible, in an attempt to encourage others to clean up after their pets, free doggie bags will be available at various points in the village, including by the Playing Fields and entrances to the Dene as well as the Village Shop.

Assurances are being sought that the pedestrian bridge will remain open whilst repair work is done next year and that it will be “off limits” to cycling, (they must dismount to cross which they should do anyway).

The stepping-stones near the Pack Horse Bridge will be reset next year. In the meantime, please be aware of the dangers in using them especially when with children.

There will be no meeting in August but the September meeting will be Thursday 19th September at 7.15pm.

Margaret Davenport
Clerk to Ovingham Parish Council