Saturday, 11 May 2013

Parish News - May 2013

Welcome to the four new Parish Councillors. Because of the recent election, Hazel Chalmers, Lou Moore, Kevin Piper and Lesley Richardson will be joining existing Councillors Ian Heslop, Phil Holden, Doreen Jordon and Val Mennear. A new chair will have been elected at the May meeting and I will let you know the details in the July magazine. Thanks must go to outgoing Councillors, Margaret Turnbull, Paul MacDonald, Joanna Jackson and Richard Benjamin for their hard work and efforts throughout the years.

Planing has been completed behind the church; application needs to be submitted to planning for a proposed seat by the bus stop at the church. The Parish Council obtained a refund from Northumberland County Council of approximately 35% as a result of complaining about the poor standard of grass cuts last year. The BMX track has been upgraded and work should soon be starting on the windows at the Pavilion as well as essential work at the cemetery lodge.

Margaret Davenport
Clerk to Ovingham Parish Council