Friday, 8 March 2013

Parish News - March 2013

Unfortunately due to circumstances, by the end of the Parish Council meeting in February, there were only 3 Councillors left and as this did not make up a quorum, part of the agenda had to be put over to the March meeting! Not satisfactory, I know but most of the items were discussed fully up to this point.

This included the possibility of looking at laying tarmac in an area behind the Church for better parking and options for monitoring the parking by the Village shop.

The Parish Council own an area on Tentergarth, which is rented out as allotment gardens. However, one of the tenants reported a landslide involving a tree, it looks like the cost of removing this, and subsequent remedial work could be quite substantial. Safety of course, is the Parish Council’s paramount concern so this will be looked at very carefully.

Cllr Holden has placed some bus timetables by the bus stops in the village and he hopes these are more user friendly for commuters.

The April meeting should be held on the 18th at 7.15 in the Reading Room and the May meeting, which includes the Annual Parish Meeting, on 16th May. This latter date will be the first meeting after the local elections on 2nd May.

Margaret Davenport