Friday, 8 June 2012

Parish Council Notes - June 2012

Following the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council in May, Councillor Turnbull was re-elected Chair, and Councillor Jordon, Vice Chair. In her report, Councillor Turnbull thanked all the Councillors for the hard work throughout the year as well as that of County Councillor Kelly and the villagers who contribute on a regular basis.
Complaints have been made to both Northumberland County Council and ISOS about the state of the grass cutting in the village. The Councillors are closely monitoring this and it is hoped that improvements will be seen by the time you read this.
All three interactive speed units are up and running throughout the village, which should prove an extra deterrent against speeding.
The Ovilympics will be taking place on July 14th to which everyone is welcome. Do come and support this event and join in some of the many activities planned.

Margaret Davenport