Friday, 4 May 2012

Canvassers Needed

Northumberland County Council Elections Office requires canvassers to help with the compilation of the 2013 Electoral Register.
Due to the Police and Crime Commissioners Elections to be held in November, the Electoral Registration Canvass will be earlier than usual this year, commencing in mid August and must be completed by 24 September.
The work is to visit properties to deliver forms and collect responses from those addresses where no reply has yet been received, up to 2 visits per property. Canvassers must also attend a briefing session at County Hall as part of the appointment, on 13 August 2012 at 6pm.
Anyone aged 18 or over may apply for a canvassing position, so if interested, or you have family members, friends or know of retired people who may be interested please let them know.
Payment will be £1-50 per form collected in urban areas, and £2-50 in very rural areas. (There is no mileage payable).
If you are interested or need further information, please contact the Elections Office on 01670 624811 or email: