Thursday, 19 May 2011

Parish Council Notes - May 2011

The Annual General Meeting was held in May. Margaret Turnbull was elected Chairman and Doreeen Jordon as Vice Chairman Doreen Jordon will represent the Council on the Reading Room Committee, Paul Macdonald and Val Mennear on the Burial Committee and Philip Holden our representative at Prudhoe High School.

The Chairman's Report showed a full and active year for the Councillors, all of whom were thanked by the Chairman. Unfortunately at the start of the year Melanie Morton resigned. She has been missed but Ian Heslop was co-opted to the Council and has proved already to be of great value. Especial thanks were given to Doreen Jordon who keeps the village so beautiful with her flower beds and Phil Holden who works so very hard keeping the recreation ground perfect for the many users. A new mower was purchased during the year and this has made his job a lot easer. Perhaps it is not known how much work Phil puts into keeping the pavilion up to a very high standard.

There have been cuts in maintenance work done by NCC but on the whole most jobs have been undertaken, though routine work perhaps hasn't been done so often and there always seems to be drains blocked somewhere.,.

The most successful undertaking of the Council has been the installation of the Playbuilder Scheme on the Recreation Ground. By the time this is read it should be well and truly used and we hope the young people of the village do enjoy it. So far it looks as though they are all very happy with it.

During the year, following the death of Angus Armstrong who has rented one of the grazing fields for many years, it was decided to offer further land to the Allotment Association.

We would remind all parishioners that the monthly minutes are on our Web Site and can always be read. Georgina has now resigned as clerk and we welcome Margaret Davenport who has taken her place.