Monday, 28 February 2011

Parish Council Notes - February 2011

It was so good to know that at long last it appears that the culvert at the Pack Horse Bridge has now been cleared. NCC worked hard to dig a large hole and remove much of the gravel which has made the burn run so very slowly. However, following all the recent rain it appears that all is well and the Parish Council hope that at long last the burn will not block again and flood.

Once again the post box which was donated to the village some time ago was discussed. Has anybody any good ideas how it can be used? If you have a bright idea, please let one of the Councillors know.

Once again, the condition of our roads was discussed. There are pot holes in many places but those on Horsley Road have been reported as very dangerous. Also so many of our drains are becoming blocked by leaves and when it rains there are many places throughout the village with standing water. These have all been reported and it is hoped that NCC may find the money to put them right.

Councillor Holden was able to report that the Playbuilder Scheme is progressing well and the scheme should make its target day of the the 31 March. It was good to note that quite a few people had attended the "pop in" and it was very good that there were several offers of help when the scheme is up and running.

Councillor Jordon is forming a new "Village Plan" and needs the village's support and ideas. She has placed a notice on the boards in the village and would be delighted to receive any ideas for the requests which should be included in the survey. The last Plan was produced six years ago, when more than 50 ideas were brought forward. These have all been investigated and many introduced.Green Ovingham who were represented at the meeting offered their support

The next meeting of the Council will be 14th April (the first of the new financial year) and the Annual Meeting will be held 12 May.