Monday, 27 April 2009

Parish Council News - 27 April 2009

These notes are based on our most recent meeting (April 09).

Parking on Verges.
The Council is concerned because there seem to be many cars parked on the greens and verges. One of the main areas is the verges on Horsley Road. It may be that people who park their cars on these verges do not realise that it is an offence to do so. The grass becomes churned up in wet weather and the Council who cut these verges are sometimes unable to do so. Double yellow lines are to be continued round the bend entering Horsley Road and it is hoped that this will help access for residents in this area.

Interactive Speed Light.
Arrangements are in hand to move the speed lighting to another area. The Council are just waiting to make sure that the light will not be obscured by trees.

Keeping the village clean and tidy.
It was good to have the village swept by Northumberland recently. They did do a good job though there were some areas which were missed! There is a real problem with Bewick Lane, especially the South end where the contractors are doing work. It is hoped that when they have finished they will clear their rubbish, but they can’t be expected to clear the rubbish which is being left by residents. Please do take a pride in our lovely village and make sure you are not one of the people to spoil it.

Ovingham/Wylam Road. 
Some time back the Council was asked to approve a safety scheme for erecting safety barriers. The Council were not really happy about losing some of the footpaths. Wylam, who were also consulted, agreed that retention of the footpaths was essential. However, since then there have been further accidents and the police are now requesting the work to be done. Ovingham Parish Council have replied that they can only support the erection of a safety barrier if it does not involve the loss of  any of the footpath along this stretch. The Wylam/Ovingham road is well used by pedestrians and there are many stretches which are very hazardous to them.

Boundary Commission.
Under the new Unitary Authority the Boundary Commission has submitted new electoral division proposals and Ovingham, together with Ovington are to be included with Prudhoe West. The decision has been made on purely numerical grounds (to be as close as possible to 3,799 electors). The Council have protested on this division, pointing out that the two other criteria for the new boundary should be considered – that the River Tyne forms a natural boundary and that there is a strong community identity with the other Tyne Valley villages, such as Wylam and Heddon.

The next meeting to be held on 21 May in the Reading Room will be the Annual General Meeting at 8.00 p.m. and all residents are urged to attend. The Council meeting will commence as usual at 7.15 p.m.